Events and Activities

You are welcome to all the activities of our church, regardless of language and worldview!  Among other things, our international community hosts the following regular events:

Cafe for Everyone 

Cafe for everyone invites you to pop in for a tea or coffee and conversation at Aseman Pysäkki (Hannikaisenkatu 29) every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday between 11am – 3pm (Currently closed due to the corona pandemic.)

The International Service in Plain Finnish

The International Service is for anyone who wants to be part of Christ's worldwide Church. We are an inclusive community that provides a safe space for our activities. After service, an evening tea and cookies are served. Please, after each service, stay with us and say hello to those you meet and have some chatting.

The services are held in Taulumäki church once a month on Sundays 18.8., 16.10., 13.11., 11.12. at 6 pm. We speak plain Finnish and give assistance in participation if you don't speak Finnish. Bring The Bible in your own language. 

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Nightbreak (Virtailta in Finnish) is an evening for young adults seeking God’s intimacy through teaching, supper, music, prayer & togetherness. Nightbreak is held every other Thursday from 6pm to 9pm at Yliopistonkatu 26 B youth facilities.

Silmun ulko-ovi kirkkopuiston suunnasta Kilpisenkadulta kuvattuna.
The outdoor for entering Silmu, the place where Sunday Services take place once a month (every 4th week).
Inside the living room of Silmu, where the piano and some furniture is to be seen,
The living room of Silmu, Kilpisenkatu 8.

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